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Is a Scam?

One of the first questions someone ask when joining a site to make money is-Is this site a scam. Can you blame them? About 90% of the sites online are (just my exaggerated guess).

If you are like me than you are tired of being scammed and before you join anything you want one thing-PROOF.

Do they really pay?

To answer your possible question, No is no where near a SCAM. does pay there members and in soooo many ways.
You can cash out your money and get paid instantly to PayPAl. You can use your cash to change them to points and get instant gift cards from Amazon, BestBuy, Facebook, and much more.You can earn points and turn those into spins to play the spin the wheel and win more cash or points.You can use points for raffle tickets for a chance to win great prizes like a 4GB Xbox Kinect Bundle. You can play games like checkers and higher or lower and earn more cash.
I know you can't just take my word for it, So here are a few of my recent paymen…

Make extra cash NOW!

Ok, if you are like me, than you have search and tried many different ways to make money. I have tried a lot of ways from Get paid to sites to Paid to click. Some I was successful with for a while but much of them took too much of my time and I went no where.

It has been said that over 90% of the people trying to make money online fail. Most of them give up after so long. Which I can deeply understand why. There are too many options an not enough training. Plus who always has money to invest or time to wait.

So after much trial and error I found myself returning to my first option-Get Paid To.

I know what you are thinking- It takes to long to build the money and you wait even longer to get paid. Truthful, there is a way to make money without waiting to get paid. So don't be one of the 90% who fail, don't give up. In the mean time make you some extra cash by joining some Get Paid Sites.

My top recommendation is PaidTheFastest.

This site allows you to earn money many ways, like …