Is Univox Community a Scam?

Univox Community Review

by Melissa Jiggetts

Recently I have got back to one of my first loves "surveys". Now maybe your thinking "seriously, you make money with surveys? " Yes actually I do! Being a stay at home mother can be a job in itself and you want to do something to help out so one day about 10 years ago I started doing surveys and it turned out pretty good. So long story short one site I was introduced to as of lately was Univox Community. I was told "It is Easy" and "You will Love it" but then I read around and saw the low scores so I decided to check it out to see if it was a scam.

I started to doing surveys and sure enough. It was pretty easy. You get points even if you don't qualify for surveys and for most of us this is a plus in itself and after a week I had my $25 cash out. So I said, let me cash out and see If I get paid. Since I am a newbie I have a Basic account, which means I can choose an Amazon gift card or a Visa, so I choose Amazon. They said it takes 2 weeks and what do you know. I got paid two weeks on the nose. On my birthday to be exact.

So is it a scam?, so far so good. I am already almost half way to my cash out again. I get surveys everyday although I don't always qualify I still get points. So if you interested check it out, Sign Up HERE

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